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Hannah Wicklund

Live at the Troubadour Double LP: Strawberry Moon Special Edition (Preorder)

Live at the Troubadour Double LP: Strawberry Moon Special Edition (Preorder)

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This double LP will feature songs from my latest 2 studio albums, performed at my first ever headlining show at the iconic Troubadour in Los Angeles this past March, during my Hell in the Hallway World Tour. 🧚🏼

The first vinyl (Sides A & B) honors the Strawberry, while the second vinyl (Sides C & D) represents La Luna. 🌕

Each record comes signed and numbered 1-500, distributed in order of purchase, and includes a sweet little surprise as well as a custom Strawberry Moon journal for you to store all of your wildest dreams in.🍓

After all, every one of us has got dreams to be thinking of…

 *only 500 copies in this limited edition*

*Finished product can vary from the picture as all vinyls are handmade and unique*

*Will ship November 2024; any other product ordered with this preorder will ship in November as well* 

Track Listing:

Side A

   1. Hell in the Hallway

   2. Hide and Seek

   3. Witness

   4. Lost Love 

Side B

   5. Shadowboxes and Porcelain Faces

   6. Songbird Sing

   7. The Prize

Side C

   8. Can’t Get Enough

   9. Intervention

   10. Mama Said

Side D

   11. Dark Passenger

   12. Sun to Sun

   13. Jam in E Minor

   14. Bomb through the Breeze

   15. Strawberry Moon

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